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The Magic & Entertainment of Live Theatre

Live performance. It’s an age-old tradition that often gets lost in the midst of modern technologies, like smartphone screens and streaming services. At the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts in Hammond, LA, we certainly believe in disconnecting when it’s necessary, but we also applaud reconnecting. In live performances, there’s no option to rewind, pause, or start over, and that’s what we love so much about the art form! It’s human, it’s real, and it can be so tangible, you feel as if you’re living out the experience with those on stage. 

Instead of running to Google to inquire about “things to do near me,” turn to the Columbia Theatre as a resource for local entertainment, theatre, kids activities, and much more. Our productions cater to those from all walks of life, who span various age groups and geographical locations in Southeastern Louisiana, from St. Tammany to Orleans Parish. Ask our audiences, and they will tell you that the Columbia Theatre is a tourist attraction in its own right!

Season's Package

2021/22 Season Ticket Information Coming Soon. Stay tuned!

For more information on our season tickets, please call the box office or email bettina.stansbury@selu.edu.