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Fanfare 2019

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This Year's Events

All events are free unless price is noted

  • Friday-Saturday,September 20-21, Tuesday-Wednesday, September 24-25

    Southeastern Theatre Department presents:

    Strawberries, Guns and Milk

    7:30PM, Vonnie Borden Theatre, D Vickers Hall

    Strawberries, Guns and Milk is a zany, time-traveling ride through the first one-hundred and fifty years of Tangipahoa Parish. Join the hapless Terrance Tuppenceworth and his Traveling Troupe of Thespians as they celebrate everything that makes our parish one of the most unique places in the world.

    General Admission
    Adults- $20 • Senior/Non-SLU Students - $10 • SLU students FREE with ID

  • Thursday-Friday, September 26-27

    Southeastern Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop


    7:30PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts, Hammond

    Cabaret opened on Broadway in 1966 and took the theatre world by storm. It was nominated for eleven Tony awards and won eight. A smash hit movie, starring Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey, followed in 1972, with Broadway revivals of the show in 1987, 1998, and 2014.

    Come to the Cabaret, old chum, where you are always Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

    General Admission
    Adults - $21 • Faculty/Staff/Seniors/Non-SLU students - $16 • SLU students FREE with ID

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  • Tuesday-Wednesday, October 1-2

    Southeastern Dance Department

    “Missing…have you seen her?”

    7:30PM, Vonnie Borden Theatre, D Vickers Hall

    Live music will be performed as well as video installations/projections for this collaborative InterARTS production which includes choreographers, composer, video artists, costume designer, and a lighting designer to address both sides of when people go missing. An

    8 ft. x 24 ft. white wall will also serve as the symbolic set piece for this emotionally riveting performance.

    General Admission: Adults - $10 • Students/Seniors/Children - $8.00

  • Wednesday,October 2

    Poetry Reading featuring DavidArmand, Jack Bedell, and Alison Pelegrin

    12:30-1:45PM, Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Wednesday,October 2

    Then and Now Lecture

    Then and Now Lecture: Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen Mother of the Twelfth Century

    Marissa Akeroyd
    1:00PM, Student Union Theatre

    A recent Southeastern M.A. in History will use new research on Eleanor of Aquitaine to discuss how English queenship evolved its own identity, why medieval queens occupied a unique social niche in England, how Eleanor provides a case study of both the phases in an English queen’s life and the problems an ambitious and able woman faced in medieval society, and why Eleanor exercised her greatest political power as a widow and queen mother, during which time she helped preserved the Angevin Empire her husband Henry II and sons Richard I and John created.

  • Wednesday, October 2

    Southeastern Symphony Orchestra

    Concerto Competition Winners Night

    7:30PM,  Pottle Auditorium

    Soloists from the SLU and Community Music School Concerto Competitions will be accompanied by the SLU Symphony Orchestra, performing popular orchestral overtures.

  • Friday, October 4

    Oray and Derbins: Two Lifetimes of Work, Opening Reception

    5:00PM, Hammond Regional Art Center

    The HRAC presents an exhibit featuring artworks from the private collection of artists Dorothy Oray and William H. Derbins. This exhibit will run through October 25.

  • Monday, October 7

    “Your Best 10 Minutes”

    Ben Bell, Todd Delaney, Bill Robison, and Joe Burns
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    “Your Best Ten Minutes” is a TED-Talk style presentation where each presenter is given only ten minutes to make his or her point. Come and see faculty and staff at their best...for ten minutes and ten minutes only. We're running a clock. “Your Best Ten Minutes” is sponsored by the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

  • Tuesday, October 8

    Southeastern Phi Kappa Phi Intramural Quiz Bowl

    2:00-5:30 PM, Student Union Theatre
  • Wednesday, October 9

    Then and Now

    The Wild Sawmills of Upstate New York: the Fight for Land and Legitimacy on America’s Frontiers

    Zachary Isenhower
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    A Visiting Assistant Professor of History will remind us that if American expansion conjures an imagined transition from untamed to civilized, frontiers were rarely clear. In the 1840s a contest between New York settlers and the Seneca tribe over land, cabins, and sawmills blurred the legality of land claims with the larger issue of U.S. expansion. From “pioneers” settling ready-made Seneca cabins and sawmills, to the first Native victory before the Supreme Court, each side staked claims within American expansion that challenge the nation’s most cherished myths.

  • Thursday, October 10-November 7

    Contemporary Art Gallery Art Exhibition

    Liminal Landscapes

    Guest Curated by Professor Cristina Molina
    Contemporary Art Gallery, Southeastern Campus
    Opening Reception, October 10, 5:00 - 7:00PM

    Liminal Landscapes, brings together the works of contemporary video artists whose work explores the connection between identity and landscape. Explored through a variety of techniques such as video collage, projection mapping, and immersive audio video installation, the artists in this exhibition work to reveal terrains both real and imagined through their own unique visual language.

  • Saturday, October 12

    Free Book Festival: Helping Hands-Build a Better World

    10:00-2:00PM, Hammond Branch Library

    The 10th annual Tangi Library Free Book Festival – a day filled with free food, fun and books! Local nonprofits and other organizations as well as local authors will be in attendance providing giveaways and informational items.

  • Tuesday, October 15

    Speaking the Unspeakable: Using Poetry to Express Difficult Topics

    David Armand, Nat Fisher and Tommy Parrie
    11:00-12:15PM, The Writing Center
    D Vickers 210
  • Wednesday, October 16

    ORCHIDS ARE SPROUTING FROM THE FLOORBOARDS: Optical and Textural Immersion in Kaveh Akbar’s Calling a Wolf a Wolf.

    CaneseJarboe and Poetry Students
    11:00-12:15PM, The Writing Center
    D Vickers 210
  • Wednesday, October 16

    Then and Now:

    If A Ceorl Prospered: The Legal Status and Social Mobility of Anglo-Saxon Ceorls Before and After the Norman Conquest

    Rosemary Flynn
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    A recent Southeastern M.A. in History will use surviving Anglo-Saxon laws to show that ceorls (freemen) of the seventh century were most likely to advance to thegnhood (nobility), the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to demonstrate that the Viking invasions of the ninth and tenth centuries impoverished the ceorls and prevented them from gaining greater social status, and a document known as the Geþyncðo (compiled 1002-1023) to prove that by the eleventh century the status of the ceorls had declined from a former era of prosperity.

  • Thursday, October 17

    Sin, Salvation, and the Experience In-between: Exploring Themes in the Common Read.

    Anne Babson, Sherri Craig, and Randall Frederick
    12:30-1:45PM, The Writing CenterD Vickers 210
  • Thursday, October 17

    Southeastern Concert Choir presents


    7:30PM First Baptist Church, Hammond
  • Saturday, October 19

    Missoula Children’s Theatre:

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    2:00PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    The little red truck rolls into town to audition, cast, rehearse and perform this fairytale favorite all in a single week! Come see our talented local children as they perform alongside some of the best in the business.

    Tickets: Adults $20, Student $13

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  • Monday, October 21

    Common Read: Kaveh Akbar, Calling a Wolf a Wolf

    Student Union Theatre
    9:30-10:45AM, Student Presentations
    11:00-12:15PM, Q&A with the author
    6:30-8:00PM, Reading and Book Signing
  • Monday, October 21

    “Your Best 10 Minutes”

    Claire Procopio, Sherri Craig, Erin Watson, and Carol Madere
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    “Your Best Ten Minutes” is a TED-Talk style presentation where each presenter is given only ten minutes to make his or her point. Come and see faculty and staff at their best...for ten minutes and ten minutes only. We're running a clock. “Your Best Ten Minutes” is sponsored by the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

  • Wednesday, October 23

    Then and Now

    The Summer of Love. Woodstock to Altamont. 50 Years On

    Joseph Burns
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    Co-sponsored by the Department of Communication

    Communication Professor Joe Burns will offer a different look at two of the most iconic music events in history. The year 1969 was 50 years ago, yet the memories of August through December loom large. Woodstock was a brilliant success in retrospect. It represents peace and love, as well as the technological achievements in sound that allowed a quarter million people to hear the music. But if Woodstock opened the Summer of Love, Altamont closed it with violence. The story is well known but new research suggests it was not exactly what we thought.

  • Wednesday, October 23

    An Evening with Clarence Gilyard, Jr.

    7:30PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    The star of Die Hard, Top Gun, Matlock, and Walker, Texas Ranger shares his life experiences as a film, television and stage actor.

    The VIP package for this event includes reserved seating and a post-show meet and greet with our very special guest.

    General Admission: VIP $40, Adults $10, Students $5

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  • Thursday, October 24

    Poetry and Art: An Ekphrastic Writing

    Workshop led by Jack Bedell
    12:30-1:45PM, Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Thursday, October 24

    Wild and Scenic Film Festival

    6:00-9:00PM, Student Union Theatre (Bonus film at 5:30pm)

    Wild & Scenic Film Festival features award-winning short films focused on adventure, advocacy and education. Special guests will be there to introduce the films including Dr. Rob Moreau of the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station. Free student admission given at the door WITH STUDENT ID first come, first serve until we run out of sponsored slots. After that, students can purchase $10 tickets with a discount code available at the door. Thanks to Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, Gnarly Barley and private individuals for underwriting some student tickets.

    Tickets $18 at Hammond Wild and Scenic Film Festival

  • Friday, October 25

    Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

    Romantic German Masters

    7:30PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    General Admission: $37-$20 (Tickets can be purchased at

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  • Sunday, October 27

    US Army Field

    Jazz Ambassadors: The Greatest Generation

    3:00PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    Free Admission (Ticket required for entry)

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  • Wednesday, October 30

    Then and Now Lecture:

    Hatfield, Holyrood, Hollywood, and Halloween: Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots Go to the Movies—Again

    William B. Robison
    1:00PM, Pottle Auditorium

    The aging Head of the Department of History and Political Science faces his greatest historical and rhetorical challenge—relating filmic incarnations of Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart to Halloween. Does he still have what it takes? Could this be the end of The More-or-Less Annual Halloween Lecture and its usual mix of scholarship, silliness, surprises, and sweets? Okay, a bit melodramatic, but in the year of The Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, what do you expect? Remember that costumes are not only welcome but encouraged!

  • Wednesday, October 30


    Determined to Rise: The Civil War and its Effect on the Women's Movement

    Moderator: Samantha Cavell, Department of History and Political Science, Southeastern

    Elizabeth Hornsby, Department of Communication, Southeastern
    Alecia Long, Department of History, Louisiana State University
    Benjamin Railton, Department of English Fitchburg State University
    Lori Terjesen, National Women’s History Museum
    6:30 PM, Wednesday, October 30, Student Union Theater

    Co-sponsored by the College of Arts,Humanities, and Social Sciences, the College of Education, and the Sims Memorial Library

    The Southeastern Centennial Women's Suffrage Project and the National Women's History Museum (Alexandria, Virginia) join forces to commemorate 100 years of women's suffrage. This panel discussion looks at how the Civil War era affected the Women's Movement and early calls for voting rights in the South. Featured speakers include Dr. Lori Ann Terjesen, Director of Education for the NWHM, Prof. Alecia Long from LSU and Prof. Ben Railton from Fitchburg State University. From Southeastern, Dr. Elizabeth Hornsby of Communications and Dr. Sam Cavell of History and Political Science will complete the panel. This is the first in a year-long series of events at Southeastern which focus on this milestone in women's history. Organized by Amber Narro, Carol Madere, and Elizabeth Hornsby (Communication and Media Studies), Angela Dunnington (Sims Memorial Library), Erin Cowser (Government and Public Relations), Jordan Ahrend (Teaching and Learning), Lisa Moody (English), Megan Sanders (Visual Art and Design), and Samantha Cavell (History and Political Science).

  • Friday, November 1

    Durand Jones and the Indications

    7:30PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    Fresh off performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and CBS This Morning, Southeastern Louisiana University alumni Durand Jones brings his red-hot band and their soulful harmonies back to his old stomping grounds.

    Tickets: $36-$45

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  • Monday, November 4

    Amite Arts Council Presents:

    King Arthur and the Magic Sword

    Performances for Elementary Schools Only (Not a public event)
    8:40AM, 10:30AM, and 12:30PM, Amite High School

    Principals/Teachers, for more information or to make reservations, contact Charley Vance (985)517-1518 or email

  • Thursday, November 7

    Why the Allies Won World War II

    Jeremy Black
    2:00PM, Student Union Theater

    The Department Chair and Professor of History in the Department of History at the University of Exeter, renowned authority on military history and eighteenth century Britain, and the world’s most published historian – including numerous books and articles about World War II – discusses how America, Britain, the Soviet Union, and the rest of the Allies overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan in the great conflict that engulfed the world between 1939 and 1945.

  • Thursday, November 7

    One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

    7:30PM, Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts

    Charles Ross brings his incredible Off-Broadway show to the Columbia. Alone on stage, Ross acts out the entire original Star Wars trilogy in less than 90 minutes. Put on your favorite Star Wars gear and let us take you to a galaxy far, far away. Performed with permission of Lucasfilm, Ltd. All 'Star Wars' elements property of Lucasfilm, Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Tickets: Adults $20, Students $13

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  • Friday, November 8

    Sims Library and Friends of Sims Library

    Wine with Friends

    6:30PM, Sims Memorial Library, 2nd floor

    Every fall FoSL hosts "Wine with Friends," a wine tasting led by a local wine expert.  This convivial event offers delicious food and wine pairings; a silent auction with prizes ranging from artworks, gift baskets, and wine to crafts, event tickets, and wine accessories; live music; and door prizes.  Now in its tenth year, the tasting has become a sell-out event.

    Tickets: $45

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