The Wizard of Oz Cast List
A Word from Columbia

The Wizard of Oz Cast List

Columbia Theatre
November 20, 2020

Dorothy -- Lauren VanMullem

Glinda/Aunt Em -- Kat Schepker

Emerald City Guard/Uncle Henry -- Jeremy Watts

Lion/Zeke -- Ben Dougherty

Tin Man/Hick -- Brennan Bankston

Scarecrow/Hunk -- Alden Mason

Witch/Gulch -- Hannah Diaz

Oz/Marvel -- Michael Dubret

Nikko -- Owen Waguespack

Winkie General -- Dustin Dawson


  • Crow #1: Aniya Garner
  • Crow #2: Amber Narro
  • Crow #3: Lanie LeFranc


  • Tree #1: Katie Morse
  • Tree #2: Keziah Kelly
  • Tree #3: Jeremy Lloyd

Adult Ensemble:
Meghan Drane, Katie Morse, Amber Narro, Jeremy Lloyd, Keziah Kelly, Lanie LeFranc, Dustin  Dawson, Aniya Garner, Sanele Harmon, Margaret Dorignac, Dillon Maloney, Elise Falkenstein,  Lucah Holland, Malakai Mills, Lauren Price, Lar’mireka Elzy, Madison Sedberry, Kristi-Anne  Lyons, Carsyn Avegno, Hannah Orgeron, Thomas Waguespack, Dominic Muguira

Romia Landry, Riley Fleming, Carson Waguespack, Adeline Watson, Nathalie Cahanin, Abrie  Holland, Helene Cahanin, Sydney Michelli, Ella Hollingsworth, Katherine Hollingsworth,  Annabelle Traylor, Eliana Watson, Ava Adu, Jada Moore, Lyric Turner, Owen Waguespack

Featured soloists, dancers, and ensemble characters will be announced on December 2nd.

Please email your stage manager ( by Monday, November 23rd at 9:00 AM to confirm your acceptance in the production of The Wizard of Oz.